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Multifunctional. Dynamic. Energy Efficient.

The Solarvolt™ BIPV glass system by Vitro Architectural Glass not only captures sunlight and generates energy but also protects against the sun and resulting glare.

Solar sunshading systems are key elements in a standard of architecture that is increasingly glazed and transparent while simultaneously minimizing the cooling loads. Various BIPV sunshading systems can complement the shading effects created by solar glass facades or overhead glazing.

Fixed-Slat Sunshading Systems

Fixed slats are used exclusively for sunshading or to support daylight illumination.

Energy-Generating Glass Canopies

Solar energy generating canopies have become a classic application for our glass-glass solar systems — solar panels with solar cells arranged between two glass lites. The solar canopy acts as sunshading and is integrated with rainproofing features.

Explore BIPV Design Options

Solarvolt™ BIPV glass systems are available in a variety of configurations, from solar cell arrangement to multiple crystalline silicon types and beyond.


Glass Substrates & Low-E Coatings

To meet your design and environmental performance objectives, Solarvolt™ BIPV glass systems can be used with any Vitro glass substrate and/or low-emissivity (low-e) coating.


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